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Our Purpose

Plantacard exists to make a difference to people and the planet!

Most cards are disposed of after they have served their purpose. We love that when you give or receive a Plantacard, you no longer have to throw them away! Instead, you can plant the card in a pot of soil or in the ground and hold onto it as a keepsake to look back on in years to come.

Our cards are made from recycled paper, along with off cuts from paper mills and infused with seeds in the pulping process to grow either flowers, herbs or vegetables. When planted, being biodegradable it leaves no waste behind, making it an eco-friendly alternative to traditional card stocks.

With a shelf-life of 3 years, Plantacards can be gifted all year long for an array of occasions with the security of knowing your recipient can plant them at their perfect time.

Plantacards are the perfect way to show someone your care in a unique way. After your recipient enjoys their card, they can follow some easy to understand directions, plant it, and watch it grow!  It's a fantastic gift for anybody in your life for any special occasion, and is an especially considerate gift to any gardeners in your life.

Growing a plant from seeds is one of the most rewarding experiences. Seeing the seedlings burst from the soil and celebrating new life is something that everybody should get to experience. You can feel great knowing that your loved one will get not only a great card, but a gift that can develop into a beautiful plant. Whenever they see it, they are sure to think of you and appreciate what a great addition to their life you are.

We aim to bring some unexpected happiness into your life or the life of someone else by experiencing the joy and wonder of seed paper, and at the same time help make small and significant changes to help reduce paper waste in Australia.

We look forward to growing with you!

Rosie Kisun – Founder