Behind The Brand

Plantacard exists to help celebrate life’s moments in a meaningful way through plantable gifting. 

I absolutely love giving and receiving cards. But I never know what to do with the ones I receive after it has served its purpose. The internal battle of what to do, "keep it or throw it?" is there every single time! I decide to keep it and put it up on the mantelpiece until one fine day of Spring cleaning the internal battle of "what do I do with this card?" shows up again! 

Although we live in a digital world, who doesn't love to give and receive cards? It gives us a sense of connection and helps to express our emotions which can mean the world to both the sender and receiver. This is why it's so hard to know what to do with them after its been sitting on the mantelpiece for some time!

No longer do we need to deal with the guilty conscience about what to do with these thoughtful sentiments. Instead, our words of encouragement, love, condolences and gratitude can be cherished in a more meaningful way, something special to be remembered by, a living, growing plant! This is why I created Plantacard.

I'm not the biggest green thumb, as in I'm not an expert in growing plants but I do love giving it a go and seeing the little seedlings sprout, it's so rewarding! Our cards can be gifted to absolutely anyone, from the "I've never planted anything in my life" kinda person to the resident gardening expert. Everyone loves to receive a card that they can plant and grow!

Being able to make a meaningful difference to the people in our lives and to the planet by creating a brand that touches, moves and inspires is an absolute privilege and I am so grateful for the support of people like you - thank you💚

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Rosie Kisun – Founder and CEO

A Proud Australian Registered Trademark

A Proud Australian Registered Trademark

With exclusive rights to Plantacard IP and the first registered trademark of its kind in Australia, our vision is to be the most recognised brand of plantable cards in Australia.
Our Sister Brand!

Our Sister Brand!

Due to overwhelming feedback to create an extended range of plantable products, we are excited to announce the launch of Plantables – Bespoke Plantable Products That Grow!