Thank You Card That Grows Into Oregano
Plant a card with Plantacard - Eco-friendly greeting cards that are made with Australian seed paper (also known as plantable paper, seeded paper, plantable seed paper or seed embedded paper). When the card is planted, the paper composts away, and the seeds that are embedded within the thickness of the paper grow.

Thank You Card That Grows Into Oregano

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Made from seeded paper (also known as plantable paper and seed paper), this Plantacard is infused with Oregano (Origanum vulgare) seeds. 

Folded 140mm square card
Recycled kraft envelope included

FRONT: Infused with Oregano seeds. Plant this card and watch it grow!

INSIDE LEFT: Turn this card into Oregano. See back for planting instructions.

INSIDE RIGHT: Just a little gesture to say thanks a bunch for everything that you do.

BACK COVER: Soak this Plantacard in water until soft. Place on seed raising mix (in pot or the ground). Lightly cover with 3-5mm of more mix, water and keep moist. Seeds should take 7-21 days to sprout. Once sprouts appear, continue to keep the paper moist. Once sturdy plant appears, water as needed. Refer to website for further planting instructions.

Sow by date: November 2023

* Due to quarantine restrictions, this Plantacard can only be shipped to NSW, VIC, QLD, NT, and SA.