🌱Plantacard and Australian Network on Disability Join Forces to Celebrate Diversity and Growth🤝✨

Australian Network on Disability and Plantacard

At Plantacard, we believe in the power of connection, growth, and inclusivity. That's why we were thrilled to partner with Australian Network on Disability (AND) for their annual conference. As an organisation dedicated to promoting inclusivity and accessibility, AND aligns perfectly with our values. Together, we aimed to make a positive impact and express our gratitude to all conference delegates. As a token of appreciation, each attendee received a unique Plantacard seed paper card, carrying a heartfelt message of growth and diversity.

Seeds of Appreciation

The AND annual conference brought together individuals from diverse backgrounds, united by a common goal of creating a more inclusive and accessible society. AND gifted each delegate with a special seed paper card. These cards were more than just pieces of paper—they were a symbol of a collective commitment to growth and our shared vision for a better future.

The Meaning Behind the Message

Each seed paper card bore the message, "We look forward to continuing to grow with you. We hope this flower mix brings happiness and joy in its diversity." This message was carefully chosen to encapsulate the spirit of the conference. It conveyed their excitement about the journey ahead, while also acknowledging the beauty and strength found in diversity. By incorporating a flower mix into the seed paper, we sought to celebrate the vibrant colours and unique qualities that each individual brings to the table.

Planting the Seeds of Change

Plantacard's seed paper cards provided an interactive experience for the conference attendees. They were not only meant to be read but also planted. Each card was embedded with a blend of Swan River Daisy, Chamomile, Pink Ageratum, and Alyssum flower seeds, ensuring that delegates could cultivate their own personal gardens. As the seeds germinate and bloom, they served as a living reminder of the shared commitment to growth, both personally and collectively.

Growing Together

The shared vision between Plantacard and AND extends beyond the conference itself. It is a testament to our ongoing dedication to inclusivity, accessibility, and the creation of opportunities for all. By providing seed paper cards, we aimed to create a lasting connection between individuals, organisations, and the natural world. We believe that fostering such connections is crucial for nurturing an inclusive accessible society.

Embracing Diversity

Just as a garden thrives on diversity, so does our society. The Plantacard seed paper cards symbolise our commitment to celebrating the uniqueness of every individual, regardless of their abilities or backgrounds. We hope that as the flowers grow and flourish, they serve as a reminder of the beauty that can emerge when we come together and embrace our differences.

Plantacard's partnership with Australian Network on Disability for their annual conference was a truly meaningful collaboration. Through seed paper cards, AND aimed to express gratitude to conference attendees and share their commitment to growth, diversity, and inclusivity. The cards not only carried a heartfelt message but also the potential for beautiful flowers to bloom. As we continue to sow the seeds of positive change together, we are excited about the growth and opportunities that lie ahead. Together with AND, Plantacard looks forward to making a lasting impact and building a more inclusive and diverse world.