🌱 Plantacard's Collaboration with QIAGEN: Advancing Forensic Solutions at IAFS 2023 🌍

Qiagen X Plantacard

Plantacard is proud to support QIAGEN, a global leader in life sciences and molecular testing at the International Association of Forensic Sciences (IAFS) conference this year, as QIAGEN promotes their NGS solutions for - FIGG (Forensic Investigative Genetic Genealogy) - with the help of our eco-friendly Plantacards.

🔬 QIAGEN: makes improvement in life possible

QIAGEN provides Sample to Insight solutions to thousands of human identification laboratories around the globe. Their comprehensive human ID and forensics portfolio provides superior tools for every step of your forensic DNA workflow, including sample collection, DNA purification, automation, NGS library preparation assays, the MiSeq FGx Sequencing System, and analysis software. QIAGEN’s expert-guided workflows enable identifications, not just DNA profiles, and truly support customers from crime scene to courtroom.

🌐 A Global Impact 🌏

QIAGEN's influence extends to every corner of the globe. They cater to customers across the spectrum - from life sciences research to molecular diagnostics and public safety. Their Sample to Insight framework is not just about providing seamless workflows but identifying and solving bottlenecks that hold their customers back, helping them exceed their own expectations.

💫 Vision and Mission: Making a Difference 💪

QIAGEN's vision is simple yet powerful - "Making improvements in life possible." They bring this vision to life by showcasing the positive impact their customers have on people and patients worldwide. Their mission is equally inspiring - offering Sample to Insight solutions that enable valuable insights from any biological sample, from basic research and clinical healthcare to human identity and forensics, helping crime labs all over the globe solving cases

🤝 Quality, Ingenuity, and Accessibility 🤗

QIAGEN's identity revolves around QIA - Quality, Ingenuity, and Accessibility. They are committed to quality, creativity, and openness, aiming for rewarding interactions with customers every time. Their empathy for challenges and passion for customer success shine through.

🔍 Forensic Investigative Genetic Genealogy: A Leap in Crime Fighting 🕵️

FIGG, or Forensic Investigative Genetic Genealogy, is set to revolutionise crime solving. Next-generation sequencing allows investigators to uncover unique attributes like hair and eye colour, biogeographical ancestry, and tiny genetic markers (SNP variations) in crime scene DNA.
FIGG takes it a step further by comparing SNP patterns in family ancestry databases, using technology similar to platforms like 23andme and Ancestry. It collaborates with databases such as Family Tree DNA and GEDmatch to find genetic family relationships in unsolved crimes among consenting individuals.

🌟 Solving Cold Cases and Beyond ❄️

Advances in the field and the use of genealogical databases are breathing new life into cold cases that were previously shelved due to technological limitations. FIGG is a quantum leap in forensics, offering unprecedented insights for the fight against crime and the identification of victims of war and mass disasters.
Plantacard is thrilled to support QIAGEN in their mission to introduce FIGG to the world at the IAFS conference. Our promotional Plantacards will not only highlight this remarkable solution but also underline our shared commitment to innovation and sustainability. Together, we're planting the seeds of a safer and more informed world.

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