🌱🐾 Exciting Announcement: Plantacard Collaborates with Vegan Australia for a Plant-Based Mission! 🌿🌏

Plantacard X Vegan AustraliaAt Plantacard, we are absolutely thrilled to announce that we’ve teamed up with Vegan Australia, a dynamic animal rights organisation, as they launch their innovative membership program this month. This collaboration is not just about cards; it's about a shared commitment to making a difference for animals, people, and our planet.

🌿 Vegan Australia: Advocates of Animal Rights and Vegan Living

Vegan Australia is a prominent force, campaigning nationwide for veganism and animal rights. Their mission extends beyond promoting a plant-based diet; they stand as a powerful voice for the vegan community, working diligently to educate the public, engage with governments, corporations, institutions, and the media, and champion the principles of veganism.

🤝 Vegan Australia's Membership Program: More than Just a Promise

Central to their new membership program is the 'Vegan Promise.' By taking this pledge, members commit to ending the exploitation of animals by boycotting the use of animal products in food, fashion, and any other aspect of their lives. But that's just the beginning!

📦 Vegan Australia's Welcome Packs: A Token of Appreciation

Vegan Australia's membership program offers various tiers: Vegan Advocate, Vegan Champion, and Vegan Hero. Each level includes a heartwarming welcome pack that extends gratitude to their members. And here's where Plantacard comes in!

✨ Plantacard's Gift of Growth

As part of the welcome pack, each member receives a beautiful herb Plantacard. These special Plantable Cards are embedded with parsley, thyme, and oregano seeds, offering not just a message of appreciation but the gift of growth. Plantacard is all about sustainability, and we are thrilled to contribute to the growth of herbs that will nourish our members' culinary adventures.

🍬 Delicious Vegan Lollies and More

The welcome packs also include a pack of delicious vegan lollies, showcasing that plant-based living can be both delectable and compassionate. To inspire members on their culinary journey, they will find 5 recipe cards featuring dishes by some amazing vegan chefs. Lastly, the welcome pack features an elegant lapel pin that proudly signifies their commitment to veganism.

🙏 A Pledge for Positive Change

This joint venture embodies the spirit of collective action towards a better future. Vegan Australia's commitment to advocating for animal rights and vegan living aligns perfectly with Plantacard's dedication to sustainability and eco-conscious practices.

Together, we share a vision of positive change, advocating for a world that is not only kinder to animals but also nurtures our health, the environment, and social justice.

Plantacard is honoured to be part of this incredible journey with Vegan Australia and their dedicated members. We look forward to witnessing the growth of herbs and the growth of a movement that seeks to make our world a more compassionate and sustainable place.

Join us in celebrating this inspiring partnership and Vegan Australia's dedication to creating a better future for all!