What is plantable paper (aka seed paper)?

Share the wonder of seed paper & reduce paper waste by choosing Plantacard - biodegradable, seed-infused plantable greeting cards that grow!

Plantable paperPlantable paper is a type of handmade biodegradable eco-friendly paper that is infused with tiny little seeds. When planted, the paper composts away, the seeds germinate, sprouts appear and grow into a plant.

Papermakers have been producing seed paper for centuries but has traditionally been handmade for use in smaller batches and is often made-to-order. Here at Plantacard, we want everyone to enjoy this beautiful paper! So we’ve taken it to the streets (ie. online and retail) and made it available to all!

Whether purchased as a treat for yourself or given as a gift to a loved one, everybody will be impressed with Plantacard! With its natural finish and seedy texture, this eco-friendly card pleasantly surprises everyone when they learn it can be planted. You and your loved ones can feel good about reducing paper waste and adding natural beauty to your homes and lives.