Living Gifts Bendigo

Plantacard Stockist

Jess Wiltshire has always been into horticulture. At the age of 19 she got into the nursery industry and had the dream of being her own boss since then.

Her dreams came true when Jess decided to take the plunge, made a phone call to quit her job and applied for a personal loan to start her own business, all in 20 minutes whilst her partner Dale was sleeping on the train next to her! You go girl!

Jess’ spontaneous decision certainly paid off. Now 18 months in, she runs a successful and thriving business in Bendigo with her point of difference being that she is a Horticulturist, being able to provide expert advice to her customers. A rare commodity that you want to take advantage of when shopping at this store.

Jess recognises a shift where people are wanting more plants in their homes, explaining “People are drawn to be surrounded by green. There is a biological urge to be drawn to nature.”.  Together with this awareness and her passion, Living Gifts specialises in indoor plants, terrariums, kokedama & macramé.

Jess' partner Dale is a full-time builder and all the wood items - plant stands and cutting vases, are all handmade by Dale.

Jess explains that Plantacard goes hand in hand with what they are doing, providing another form of nature to people, and is complementary to their store.