Don't throw it, grow it!

Don't throw it, grow it!Through each year, and throughout our lives we have lots of special occasions – birthdays/Christmas/wedding/new baby/moving house ..the list is endless! The one thing you can be sure about is that if there is an occasion, there will be a card available to send to the right person with the right thing to say in it.

It’s great to be able to send something that can mean so much – and it’s equally fantastic to receive them on those important days. They mean so much as they show that people are thinking about us – and they mark a specific time in ours or a family members life.

They are special.

But there are so many – what do you do when that event has finished? A lot of people can easily dispose of cards after the event. They were wonderful at the time, but have served their purpose. As soon as it comes time to dust the surfaces that the cards have been placed on, they go into the recycling bin (at best)…

When you give or receive a Plantacard, you no longer have to throw them away! Instead, plant the card in a pot of soil or in the ground to hold onto as a keepsake and to look back on in years to come.